Monday, August 15, 2011

Dress Yourself in Bleeding Madras

If you are not already listening to Vampire Weekend you best get to work on iTunes! These Columbia University grads are so adorable and super talented. So far I have seen them twice live and they have been amaaazing each time. Plus they sing about super relevant things such as Cape Cod, madras and the likes. If you're not already convinced I'm positive you will be after checking out the following two music videos.

However, if you do attend a show be weary of the fans. It seems on tour most of the people are nice well-groomed folk, however, the music festival attendees are another story completely. Vampire Weekend played at Pitchfork a few years back and I was practically jumped while trying to get a better view from the crowd. I wore a Cape Madras skirt and polo (completely against hipster music festival protocol apparently) and found myself in a ring of hippity-hipster boys while scouting a better vantage point. After shoving (shoving!) me they informed me that "this section is for true fans only" and that I should "go back to the OC". I was not aware Malibu Barbie had a secret stash of Cape Madras in the trunk of her pink convertible. And true fans? I wouldn't be surprised if they thought Hyannis Port was a nickname for those delightful on the spot johns scattered about the park.

I stuck out like a brightly colored sore thumb compared to all of these normal people...

If you're to see them live I suggest avoiding the festivals and the creatures therein. See them on tour... or just spend hours staring at their lovely faces via YouTube.


  1. Omg! Too funny! I learned the hard way about those festivals too.. And I'm now loving Vampire weekend! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Haha, I'll keep them mind if I ever get to see them. VW is the soundtrack to my life!