Monday, August 8, 2011

Ruff & Ready

If you live in the DC area you best RUN and not walk to Ruff and Ready Furnishings! They are closing at the end of August and trying to unload as much as possible at HALF PRICE if you pay with cash and 40% off if you use a card. I am actually not from the area and was headed to a different store when I walked by and saw a print of Williamsburg, Virginia in a sidewalk pile labeled “free”. After rescuing it from its hideous frame I spent another hour or two digging around inside the store.

First Day Loot:

The store resembles an episode of hoarders more than an actual retail space and there are some piles of treasure that are plain inaccessible because of the clutter but I went back the next day determined to do more digging and scored what may be my most prized find yet. As I was leaving, a sailboat thingy caught my eye so I grabbed it only to realize it was a trophy. And it was awarded to someone named R.B.{InsertMyLastName}. How funny for such a thing to find me so far from home! I am now determined to find out who this R.B. fellow is because if he was a sailor I’m convinced we must be related.

Day Two Loot:

The silver is a work in progress. The first picture is the before and the second the after. However, it really isn't an after seeing as some of the silver has a long way to go and I'm not even sure it can be rescued. I've tried just about everything and the DC apartment now smells like rotten eggs thanks to many rounds of baking soda/foil attempts. If anyone has any tips please let me know!

The lighting was inconsistent but you get the idea...

My favorite find! It needs to be cleaned up but I still think it was a great discovery.

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