Monday, August 1, 2011

Taking the Plunge

Well, I've decided after years of reading other blogs that I would finally dive in headfirst. One thing in common among most of the blogs I follow is an absolute DEEEvotion to all things pink, green and Lilly. On that note I figured I'd share about my recent visit to the Lilly Pulitzer store on Madison in NYC. My weekend trip allowed only a short window of time for shopping and after hitting up Scoop, Saks and Brooks Brothers and leaving empty handed I was quite frustrated. All of that changed the moment I stepped into that pink and green paradise on Madison Avenue. Not only was their entire front room filled with sailboat prints, but they were also hosting the SALE of the century. I spent a good two hours in the store and came out with some amazing things but my favorite by far has to be this dress:
My second favorite would have to be my "Skinny Dippin" skirt:

Of course the only one left in my size features the skinny dippers front and center!

A final note: After choosing the title I realized it may come off a little too “summertime, and the livin’ is easy” to first time readers. The intended meaning is that I feel privileged to have such a full and happy life and can’t wait to share some of that joy with fellow bloggers. I strongly believe in working hard and I’m very disdainful of entitlement so don’t get it twisted!

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  1. I love the skinny dippin print too! I just looked more closely at my callahan's and they don't actually have any skinny dippers with 'censored' on them! Boo!

    Cute blog!!