Monday, August 8, 2011

Key+Monogram=Preppy Kappa Obsession

I recently received THE cutest necklace as a gift from my mother and have gotten non-stop compliments since. It's my monogram (love) in the shape of a key (super love). It was purchased at Alixandra Collections in St. Louis and only came in silver on a long chain. I swapped out the long chain for a shorter one and wear it almost every day. It's a great conversation started and I was even served one of the worlds cheesiest pick-up lines because of it. "Is that the key to the city or the key to your heart?" Um, no. I am super glad I have a new go-to gift for all the Kappa ladies in my life. I also found a similar necklace that also comes in gold at The Girly-Twirly for those of you not blessed with an Alixandra Collections.


  1. OMG love! I'm not a kappa (wasn't at my school) but I am a legacy- everyone one in my family was- all the back to the 20's! (I should have transferred! ha!) Anyway this would be a perfect gift!!

  2. Wow - that's an amazing history! I have a feeling my sister will be dealing with the same thing judging by the schools she is looking at and will just have to find where she fits best.